At Bold Alternative we provide 2 types of hosting services one completely in house web hosting the other working with 3rd party to provide affordable web hosting through Bold Alternative Hosting. Our Bold Alternative Data center located at UK, USA and Australia providing all your hosting needs. Bold Alternative Hosting products covers Shared hosting, Domain name registration, OVZ and KVM VPS and Dedicated Servers. 

Shared hosting starting at $7/Month*, VPS from as little as $20/Month* and Dedicated Hosting from $99/Month. We have a team of dedicated support staff for all of your hosting support needs.

We have dedicated tech support in those data centre to provide hosting support. The aim of Bold Alternative Hosting is to create a stand alone hosting service for those clients looking for cheap and affordable web hosting, cloud hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Domain name registration without compromising security, scalability, speed and support. Having Bold Alternative Hosting as a separate service allows us to focus more on tailor-made customers need in our other services including SEO< DIgital Marketing, Security, IT SUpport etc. 

Our In-house Tailor-made Packages are hosted differently in any continent of your choice. We also have affiliation with other hosting providers to find out more call us on 1800 266 469 or send us an email.

*(Promotional price only Terms and Condition Apply, Visit Bold Alternative Hosting for more information)