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Bold Alternative can help you grow your business and take care of your technical needs, so you can focus on your business.

Most of our clients have tailor made service agreements to suit their business needs. There is no need to pay for services you don’t need, you should only pay for things you use.

Our Services are broken down to 2 steps firstly a design fee to design your website, SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing Campaigns as per below.

Secondly a monthly subscription with no commitment paid monthly in advance to manage the site or the campaign for the month as per different types of services.

Let us grow together and build your next project. For more information call us now on 1800 266 469.

Why should your business have a website?
81% of people research a business or service online prior to making a purchase decision. If you don’t have a website, you have no chance at capturing a share of this market.
Your website can be available 24/7/365 even when you’re not. The 21st century consumer is a sceptic; in fact, 56%
of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website.

Did you know?
Over 7.7 billion people use the Internet across the globe. It’s become an integral part of everyday life to conduct searches, check social media & purchase products online.
In fact 89% of marketers say methods, like search engine optimisation (SEO), are successful. Additionally, methods like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising increase brand awareness as much as 80%.

Why do you need IT Support?
Lost Revenue = Revenue/hr x downtime(hrs) x up-time(%) Example: If your revenue is $3,000/hr & your network was down for 2 hours & up-time percentage is 30% your lost revenue would be $1,800/hr.

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